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Cannot make progress on confronting Black and white lady, and the lady keeps saying 'Undefined'.. hey, other people getting same bug.

I really enjoyed this game and felt 'Fun' in a long decade, and really want to see the end. Please fix the problem!

edit: Is this the end of current version?

edit 2: Played 1.06. Yeah.. that was very near of the end. I gotta wait long enough. 

This game didn't do, What I say, "THIS IS DEFINITION OF ANXIETY UNDERSTAND IT BLAH BLAH BLAH", Just showed someone suffering from anxiety and made me say "Hey maybe I know that voice". I like that point.

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So when i tried to use hot cocoa it wouldnt let me target the one pacified guy and would only heal the person using it

also my game soft locked after talking libitina, she would go to the end of room and walk in place, also she would keep saying undefined

I love this game and can't wait until the full release comes out. Though I wonder are you going to include Poltergeists or anything like that?

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This game is amazing and i love its concept! i cant wait to see how far this goes!

Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me, and I hope you'll like the full version as much as the demo!


This was AMAZING, i really really really hope a full release is in the works...

((will update comment with bug info and specific review later))

The disposable gloves seem to decrease defense dramatically rather than add +5%?!

I can't wait for a full release!

Played through the full demo!
The music is awesome and I still love the writing, especially how the 'anxiety text' is worked in. I'm super excited for where this goes.

Oh! You might want to look at the Disposable Gloves item. It seems to reduce defense instead of adding to it? >u>;; 

Ah, jeez, it looks like other people have had that problem, too. I'll work to fix it, thank you!

Looking forward to the full game! 

Linux link is broken, incomplete archive. Can you please re-upload the archive for the Linux version?

Honestly can't wait for a full release! Loved this game and I did a 3 part series on my channel!

Man, I love the character design, the combat (which most people get pretty wrong), and the writing! It's a real cool concept which would probably be woefully underwhelming in the wrong hands, but I'm so psyched for more! The red voice, while a little hammy at times, was really engaging and helped drive the tension

Hey there! Enjoying the game, but saving doesn't seem to work on the Mac for some reason. I can open the save menu, but choosing any of the save slots doesn't seem to do anything.

Hope you can fix! Thanks!

oh my goodness that was so good! I'm really excited for more!

Can't wait for the full game! Will it be on Steam?

Maybe! I'm looking into how to get it up there, but for the time being, I'll keep working on the demo version!

Did a little LP for it for our channel! Loved doing the voices and stuff, which is why I love playing games like this.

Thank you so much!!! I'll watch it when I get the chance!

This game is SO FUN! I have uploaded my first impression and playthrough of the game. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you very much! I'll have to watch it later!

The download link for the linux file does not work, maybe it is an incomplete file?

What? You can't just end it right before the final boss... That's not fair! It's like promising a three course meal, delivering on the starter and main courses, and as soon as the dessert shows up, you tip the bowl upside-down on my head!

I feel so betrayed.

But then again, I guess it's my fault for not clicking the 'more information' button. It's also rather thematically appropriate. But in all honesty, I adored this game. I really dug it's humour, setting and visuals, and was willing to overcome some odd control issues and visual artefacts to just enjoy the experience.

I live for games like this. Please finish it.

Sorry about that! I do intend to put the bossfight in there, as this IS just a demo as opposed to the full game. Thank you for the complements and feedback!

Looks super cool, but I don't think the Linux version is's weirdly 1/3 of the size too

Wow look at this! it lookss so good! look at this UI! dude. dude