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I just played the game a few days ago and I wanted to say I LOVE IT!!! I have an anxiety disorder and I can relate to Robin sooo much. I love her as a character and the battle functions are really unique with her. 

Honestly, I just made an account to write this and say keep doing what your doing! The game is amazing and I look forward to the full game in the future!! 

Quick question: does the demo allow me to transfer save to the completed version (whenever that is done)? 

Using Mac, demo 1.2.0. Can't save -- game just bleeps and no save is made. Entering the options menu crashes the game when I back out. Error message attached.

What I've seen looks interesting, so I'm looking forward to playing the game proper.

put it on your desktop, it had something to do with being able to access files easier, it should save after that

i like the game.

got the full game, but it ended on a cliffhanger, so it's not even a full game! It's more like a demo!


I don't like the game... because i haven't played it yet =P. 

Jokes aside I want to download this, but I am in a country where internet is expensive to get... hopefully i'll experience this game soon

I hope so too, and I hope you'll enjoy it way more than I enjoyed that joke. :U


I apologize.. seems like it wasn't well received. I got a friend to help me download it. So I'm going to try it out today.


I apologize... seems like the joke wasn't well received. Anywho, I downloaded this with my campus wifi. 

I like it already. Don't mind a little suggestion, but I wonder if you could make it compatible with a joystick? 


Damn... I finished it... but i want more... It was real good. Hopefully this gets an ending. When I finally get a decent job, i'll probably donate


Donated 5$, i hope this project thrives!

Thank you! We'll do our best!

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Thought this game was super good, I loved the story, and didn't have any issues besides the game freezing on me for a few seconds but it didn't happen often so it was a great experience. Honestly the main character is relate able to even those who have minor depression or anxiety I feel, you guys are great keep up the good work.

Thank you! I'm glad that you're able to relate to the story, and I'm currently looking into ways to optimize the game's speed! I hope you enjoy the full product just as much!




Hi there,

I've seen other people with this problem. Your issue might be that the game files are stored in a place the engine is having trouble writing to. Try moving the game folder/file to either to desktop or the documents folder. Let me know if this helps!




Hi there, what operating system are you using?

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I kept getting this error when I enter Carna's room, after a few lines of dialogue between Robin, Jay, and Carna. Sarc. Ghost began talking and Carna spoke about him joining the corrupted or something (I didn't have enough time to read it) ,then this came up.  Making the scene blurry but you can still play the game to some extent. I even skipped the blurry dialogue to see if the game will (maybe) clear up, when I fought her.  But no, I defeated her with a blurry scene.

I think deleted something on accident or messed up the settings.  I don't know.

Please help. 

Hmm, that's strange. What platform are you playing this on?

The .ogg should be in there by default...I'm not sure what the deal is, but it seems like you're playing on an older build! I hate to ask you to redownload and start all over, but the problem is almost definitely fixed in the newest build. There's a chance you can copy your save file over to the new game, but I can't speak to how well it would work. I wish I could help you more, but it's very hard for me to go back and edit an old build! Sorry!


This was a great game super good story and art, i did however notice a bug. when you enter carna's office it asks you if you want to enter again i think this may only happen on the right door. this game was still fantastic, can't wait for future updates!


found this through super eyepatch wolf and i absolutely loved it, really digging the characters and the gameplay mechanics,  i'll be following this game's development and i'm very much looking forward to seeing the full game. 

also, what is that little blue thingy under jays mouth supposed to be? is it drool? is it a soulpatch? is it some type of weird, ghostly essence? i genuinely can't tell and it has been keeping me up for nights on end, please tell me i just wanna sleep again.


Haha, it's ectoplasm drool! Most ghosts have some ectoplasm drool, it just means they're producing healthy amounts of ectoplasm. Rest easy, friend.

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I really enjoyed the demo! The story was really interesting and the art and designs were very cute! But there was a few things I felt that could be fixed. First, once the ghost teammate KO'ed none of the items work on him to heal it and it's kinda just left useless, so I feel like there should be an item to heal him. Second, it starts to feel a bit tedious and repetitive to kill a monster get a key, enter the next room over, and then just do that same thing about 8 times. I feel like there should be more exciting and different ways to find the keys instead of doing the same thing. Anyways, that is just my opinion at least I am very excited to see the full game. ^^

Looking at it...yeah, I completely forgot my fix for no Ghost Revival items. I'm going to quickly put out a patch for that, thank you for catching that!

I've gotten similar complaints about that puzzle, too- expect a reworked version in the full game, if not a later demo update.

Thank you!

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In the linux build you need to make sure your font files are named case sensitive, I was getting a error: failed to load gamefont. This is because the .ttf file wasn't the same case sensitive as the font name in the  .css file.  The casing was not exactly the same. once i change it, the game runs!  (fixed in picture below)





Sadly i was one of the victims of the no-saving issue.(I run on Mac) But I managed to play the whole game without dying! :D This is a really incredible game and I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!!! Keep up the Fantastic work and have an outstanding and fantastic day!!!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo so much- I'm definitely going to have to check up on what the issue with that is, hopefully it's something that can be easily fixed.


i had the same issue with another rpg maker game on mac, i asked the creator and they said it was an issue with the files being hard for the mac to read, they suggested i put it on my desktop and the game saved fine, did the same with Ghost Hospital and it also saved.


Really really enjoyed this. Gonna feature it on the you tube channel Super Eyepatch Wolf.


Hey dude just watched your vid and came here to download the game, been watching your stuff for quite a while now while now and you have quickly become my favourite youtuber out there and i cant wait for more content


Thank you so much!!! I can't believe I didn't see it earlier, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!


It's a superb game with likeable characters, I have little reason not to like this game. Good job man, I'm excited for an updated demo, and definitely the finished product. 

I have problems with downloading this.
It fails everytime i try.

Really? That's strange, I've never heard of a problem with downloading...are you sure it's not just when you're trying to open or save it? If the issue is downloading it to start with, it could be a problem with your connection. Try checking your connection or restarting your router, maybe, and if that doesn't work, maybe talk to your ISP or Itch customer service. Wish I could do more to help, sorry!

Yes, my internet is not the best at the moment but i dont have problems downloading other stuff.

Here it just stops out of nowhere.
And its alright. I understand.


Ok, nevermind. Got it.

And wow, the main character reminds me of...myself kinda.


An RPGMaker game with a GameBoy Color style! Very interesting! I hope to see how far this goes while also inspiring other RPGMaker users to use the GameBoy Color style, too.


Thank you! I see a lot of people aiming for NES or SNES, and having grown up on handheld consoles, I wanted to try and aim closer towards the GBC. I'm glad you like it, and I hope I inspire other developers to use the gameboy aesthetic, too!

I was messing around with buttons and I got this message.

And also, the save function is not working.

Yea, I get the exact same message too when I try to save or change my settings. Maybe it's because I'm using a Mac tho, what are you using?

MacBook Air


Same here, I get the buzzing noise when i try to save,  and this error message has also popped up a couple times :(


Another bug is that Arnie lets you walk past him in the beginning of the game. just a small bug.


First meeting Sarcastic Ghost there is a bug when talking to Sarcastic Ghost where the dialog doesn't always pause and wait for you to hit enter, so as a result you cant read all the text. Windows version 1.0.8


Great game. I just made a payment towards it bc I really want to encourage you to finish it. I finished the demo, I am really anxious to find out how the story ends. Please continue this.

Hi! This game is really cool and amazing, but for some reason I can't save at the save point. I pressed all the keys on my keyboard, and most of them didn't work but the few that were used for the game only emitted that dull beep and nothing was saved. I've tried all the keys on my keyboard and even clicking on the file I want to save on with my mouse.... and when I went to keyboard configuration it just gave me a line of code and said there was an error.. Please help..!

Really? Hm...I'm testing it myself, and I'm not seeing those issues. What platform are you playing on, and where are you saving from?

Well I'm using a Mac OS 10, so maybe that's the problem.... I tried saving from the lady behind the receptionist's counter where she asks you if you want to save. I'm sorry if I'm being a bother, but I've tried playing it without saving but died almost immediately and had to go through the entire introduction again...

Oof, sorry to hear that. I'm going to look at the engine itself- as far as I can tell, the issue isn't stemming from the game, I'd say updating your system would be a good thing to try too.

Yea, that's probably the reason. The game is really good and I really want to keep playing. I'll try updating my system then! 

I just played through v 1.0.8 and I'm in love!!! Quick question, is there anyway to access the sprites of the characters? I've been wanting to make aesthetics/icons with them but I can't find them anywhere...

Hey there! There should be copies on them available on the development blog, if there aren’t, let me know and I can post some. Link or tag me with em when you make them, haha!

Nice looking game. I havn't tried it yet but I can already tell it looks promising!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

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AAAAAAAA v 1.0.8 is awesome!! I love this game! I love its style, I love its characters, and I love the music! There's one major flaw from me (which might just be my computer i'm not really sure).

The music doesn't always sinc up. Like i'll walk into the corridor next to the main hospital room (with the save person and the 'shop keepers') and the music will fade out but the new music for the area won't come in for a while. And if you're quick to battle down there, sometimes the battle music doesn't even get a chance to play. It ends up being dead silent besides the sound affects. 

Now for the things done AWESOME!

First off, the anxiety. Or whatever that red text is. It's so awesome how it pops up out of nowhere. like when your reading the posters in the hospital rooms! I checked every door in the beginning of the game and I was shocked how the anxiety afflicted the character! It was... interesting to say the least! (It's like I love to hate it, y'know?)

Secondly, The sprites! Oh how I love your sprites. I didn't even take in the coolness of Carna's  design  until the boss fight and WOW! Oh the details were amazing! And the corrupted sprites make you feel scared, yet sorry for them, and also give some OFF vibes! The supporting characters are great too: especially the lunch lady! I love her hypnotic-looking eyes! And the security guard who wants a sandwich looks pretty neat as well! Even the simpler designs like Doctor Boe(?) look like nothing I've seen before! I didn't even get to the main characters! The highlights of the hair and the dribble that comes out of all the ghost's mouths are super neat! And Robin just has a great ray of expressions from her excited to her anxious.

Sorry if this review is too positive or not giving enough criticism but i'm pretty new at gaming and comenting on it overall. 

Oh and one last thing! I'm not sure how but on my first playthrough I managed to walk straight past the security guard on the right and see the room. I didn't get very far because I didn't know what the corrupt soul was yet and walked right next to it and died real quick.  But after that I couldn't go there. So maybe it was a glitch? I'm not really sure.


Thank you! Even positive feedback is helpful, don’t worry, being specific about the things you think someone does right is a big help to know about! And thanks for letting me know about those bugs, I’ll take a look at them as soon as I can. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I finished the v1.0.8 demo after hearing great things about this game. I love this game and hope to play the full version when it releases, but I do have a small nitpick. It's nothing much, but when completing the v1.0.8 demo, it shows a demo v1.0.7 completion screen,

Hm, thought I changed that. Thank you for the kind words!

What an absolutely lovely game! I do hope to see the full game in the future. The story is really heartfelt, and the characters are lovely. I enjoyed the combat mechanics, and the layout is great too. I might have encountered the tinyest glitch where the 311 room key didn't dissapear from my inventory after using it, but otherwise it worked great!

Thank you! And I’ll take a look at that when I get the chance. Thank you!

I downloaded the mac version of the game, but it will not let me save, or change the keyboard configuration, I really want to play this game, but without a save system this game is pretty much unbeatable for me, hope you can fix this!

Hey there, I’m not gonna be able to provide a fix for this for a while- this isn’t a game where you can save anywhere, it’s just a certain point, unless that isn’t working either. I’ll take a look at the keyboard config when I get a chance.

Thank you!


I accidentally downloaded the 0.1 version while the 1.x version was down and found the game cute but ultimately lacking a lot of polish, which really took away from the enjoyment.

Now that I've played and finished the 1.0.8 version after I realized my mistake, I only have two things to ask : when does it release ? And for how much ?

Haha, thank you! Yeah, the 0.1 was more of a beta or a proof of concept than a final game. With a bit of luck i’ll have it by October, but failing that, sometime early 2019. I’m thinking maybe 7.99 pricewise? I could be underselling myself, though, haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I am incredibly impressed. I heard about this from Nitro Rad, and as someone diagnosed with Severe Depression and Generalized Anxiety disorder.. wow. It was almost scary how much I related to this game. Absolutely genius game design, the incorporation of anxiety into the game combat was so realistic that I couldn't believe it was even real. Will this ever have a full release? If so, do you have any idea when that would be? Is there a way to donate to this project? This was life changing.. thank you. What an amazing proof of concept.

Wow, I’m glad you related to it so well! Yeah, I just wanted to take a dofferent approach from how a lot of mental illness games do it- instead of making you just sympathize, it puts you in the shoes of someone who has it and makes you directly empathize. As I’ve said, I’m hoping for an October releasw date, but if that’s too tight, then keep an eye out in early 2019. The game is currently pay-what-you-want, and I’m a bit hesitant about taking this to kickstarter, but I’ll see if i can put a link to my Ko-fi somewhere on the page! If you can’t donate monetarily, then just spread the word! Thank you so much!

hey! returning fan here, so i got the update and i'm on Bunsenlabs Hydrogen (Debian) {linux]. and when i launched the game, it opened and loaded for a while but then i got the error: failed to load GameFont. 

am i missing something/is there a way to fix this? I'm super excited to play the update and tHEN THE FULL GAME  YEAHH <3

anyways so yeah i got an error :( :( :(

Really? Hm...I’ll take a look at that. I’m not super familiar with Linux, but I’ll ask some of my more code-savvy friends about it.

hey, i just got the update 1.0.8 (linux) and it's still giving me "failed to load GameFont"   :'( 

it may be a problem on my end, so i'll keep looking into it

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I had this problem too and dug a little into things. Had to load the game in firefox so I could use the development console.

The issue is that gamefont.css tries to load 8bitoperatorplus-regular.ttf, while the file is named 8bitOperatorPlus-Regular.ttf. Linux distinguishes filenames with diferent capitalization.

My solution was making a system link because I don't like changing game data, but you can just rename the file safely.

Thanks a ton! I'll edit the text js file, I'm hoping to put out a patch soon anyway!

Found the root of the issue, you can check my other comment for it.

I played through the demo and loved it! the amount of detail put into explaining the world really motivated me to play the game and I love the combat which made me think a little more than most RPGs. Super excited for the full game when it does release!

Bug Report:

-When you confront Carna in her office, SG comments on his name. A /n is visible in the text.

-When you walk around the ICU, your sprite will walk beneath the curtains once they are opened.

Non - Bug Game suggestions:

-Robin was anxious all the time when battles started. This was a little annoying after a while, since even in safer areas or places where it didn't make sense I still had to use encourage.

-Walking slowly through the Northern Wing became a pain because you have to grind a few levels to beat Carna. A teleport pad or some kind of fast travel once you get through would have been nice. Alternately, a save point. Somebody else in the comments suggested a low-level warning - that could be nice too.

None of those are gamebreakers, they're just personal suggestions and notes I took while playing through. I understand that RPG maker has its limits and it's difficult to make everything perfect lol.

Thanks for your input! I'm working on a bugfix patch, so these are good to hear about. Unfortunately, I've been looking for a solution to the curtains thing for a while...when I figure out how to get that to work, you'll be the first to know. And thank you, the text box errors are a lot harder to catch than outright gameplay bugs.

As for your suggestions, there IS a system in place to help Robin...but it's not exactly laid out in fine print. Try feeding her some calming foods and see what happens! And I've gotten complaints about the north wing and the high level, too. I adjusted the EXP drop rates, but I guess I should up that across the board, instead. Game balancing is HARD.

Thanks for the critique, I'm always glad to hear what people think!

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I super enjoyed the 1.0.7 demo! For a demo it is pretty complete and I rather enjoyed it, minus a few bugs and weird game things here and there! I'm going to make some soft recommendations that of course you don't have to follow, but it would be cool to have some of these things added!

-Save points in front of boss fights or an manual save. Now I might be the only person but I had a hard time fighting the last boss of the demo, mostly because of the spawning of monsters that just made it a pain to track back to the point I could save without loosing a bunch of exploring and items. Again might be me complaining but from a game play pov it's a pain to ever fight unnecessary monsters just to save. 

-Phoenix down type item. I'm pretty sure there is one in the game (the hot coco) but it never seemed to work for me? It would heal the party member to use it not the member I wanted revived.

-Indication that you are too low of level to fight a boss. More of a nitpick but even it comes to the last fight I was under the impression that I could fight her with the passive level of 7-8, only to be wiped and needing to grind to level 12 to get better skills to clutch to fight her. Something like "you have a feeling you are too weak to survive if you enter this door" would be great and would have saved me 3 restarts to actually kill the boss.

That's I have to say! Make sure to keep up the great work! I'd love to play the full version of ghost hospital one day! Kind of related do you play to make some sort of donation type thing like patreon? Because if so please tell me! I'd gladly give funds to put this game in a full version! 

( ps: im pretty sure i see what u are doing with jay's story devs! im not gonna shout it just in case you guys wanna keep it hush other than some context hints, but its very nice for some inclusion that just isnt there for 'hey we have [x minority]'! ~some dude in the same boat as jay (although if this isnt the case and im reading too much please ignore me) )

Hey, thanks for your input! I'm a little against a manual input, but I'll see what I can do about finding a way to make a save point in front of boss fights make narrative sense. Most important people have secretaries, I suppose...

Yeah...the hot cocoa. Hoo boy. Turns out it hasn't worked at all this whole time. I'm planning to put out a patch to fix a bunch of stuff tomorrow-ish, so you can hold tight there, don't worry.

A low level indicator might be a good idea- it'd make narrative and literary sense, and it's not super hard to implement! I've gotten a lot of complaints about game balancing across the board, too, so I'll take a closer look at all of that.

(ps, I'm glad you noticed! I was actually worried it'd be too subtle for people to pick up on- yeah, I hope to make it more clear in the full game without saying it outright- Jay isn't the kind of kid who'd necessarily come out about being a trans dude, but it's part of who he is. Besides that, we have plans for more lgbt+ npcs in the final product [also not just there for Brownie Points, sometimes people are just gay/trans/whatever], so expect more where that came from!)

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