1.3.0 Live!

Hey, everyone! This update was supposed to come out in November!


Anyway, we have 1.3.0 live, and I'll list out the changes:

  1. Massive overhaul of combat! The anxiety system is still present, but most everything else has been modified- damage formulas, attacks, enemy behaviors, the whole nine yards. There's also some new enemies and skills.
  2. The Emergency Ward Key Puzzle has been shortened! This is the one thing that I've gotten consistent complaints about, and honestly, I agree, there's no need for it to be as long as it is. It's been shortened significantly.
  3. Saving is different now! You can save anywhere now, but save points now allow you to heal, and talking to Minerva will net you some new dialogue just about every time, once you have all three protagonists, so there's extra incentive to use them! But like, you don't have to. Do whatever you want, I'm not a cop.
  4. Dr. Poe has a unique track now! While I love Sim Gretina's musical stylings, our team and composer agreed that it was still a bit weird to have that one royalty-free track sticking out like a sore thumb. So that's in there now, and there's a new 'resting in your bed' jingle.
  5. Sparklies have been redrawn in order to increase visibility. I don't want these things to be hunt-and-find searches, so they're clearer now.
  6. More flavor text! Who doesn't like flavor text?
  7. Carna has been nerfed. I thought I already did this, but it's done for real now.
  8. Some dialogue has been tweaked for better flow and personality consistency.
  9. Enemies should all be at a consistent resolution now, I know that was bugging some people, myself included.
  10. General optimization and bugfixes.

Thank you so much to Liquid Mikan who's worked very hard on translating 1.2.0 into Japanese! It's amazing to see this little project have its scope broadened to a wider audience! Check it out on Youtube, or on NicoNico! Be sure to check out the OST Playlist on Youtube, too!

We're hard at work on the next chapter of the game, which everyone will be able to experience in the full version! Thank you immensely to everyone who's supported the project on Patreon! Remember, being a patron for three or more months not only means a credit in the game, but depending on tier, the ability to add content into the project itself!

Thanks you all for your continued support, and we hope for your continued support in the future! If you run into any bugs or troubleshooting issues, please feel free to let us know.



Ghost Hospital Demo 1.3.0 Windows.zip 384 MB
Dec 18, 2020
Ghost Hospital Demo 1.3.0 Mac.zip 520 MB
Dec 18, 2020
Ghost Hospital Demo 1.3.0 Linux.zip 428 MB
Dec 18, 2020

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Love the demo. Really looking forward to the rest! I figured I'd give a bug report of a couple of things I noticed.

First is I ended up getting softlocked in a fight against a Spewing Corrupted. It was the only enemy left in the fight. I only had Robin and Jay in the party and it put both of them to sleep and poisoned both of them. I ended up with 1HP left on both characters but instead of finishing them off the Corrupted just kept casting sleep on them over and over again, skipping all of my turns and leaving me with no way to do anything but quit the game and start from my last save.

Second is not really a bug but just a minor annoyance. There seems to be something invisible blocking movement just to the right of Minerva. So whenever you go to her to save and chat you have to back directly away from the counter again to move away, instead of just going right. Maybe that's intentional but I found it to be a minor annoyance as it looks like you should be able to walk right.

Also one of Carna's lines overruns the text box when she first notices you when you enter her office. I think it was the word "believe" that got cut off.

I will just re-iterate though that the game is great! Really looking forward to it.

Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated- I'll take a look at all of the issues mentioned.  I'm also very glad you enjoyed the new demo, that makes me very happy to hear! Thank you!