Quick update

Hey hey, just figured I'd check in and let people know that this project isn't dead.

It's not, I promise!

It's just...kinda a victim of burnout.

I and the others still plug away at it when we can, but the problem with a passion project is that sometimes the passion disappears for a while, y'know?

After not having anything to show for the halloween update, I figured it'd be worth just...putting anything down.

That's it, just pushing back against burnout to work on it when I can, and trying not to stress about not working on it when I'm not.

Peace, and thanks for all the positivity.

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Take your time BB


I've waited long for many project that coming out longer than expected. Sure some may be broken and some coming out as a masterpiece (hope this game also coming out as one), but it's okay, take your time. I'll stay and wait for another update boi


We shall await for as long as is necessary


No worries take all the time in the world 💙


me too:>


Take all the time you need. I'm still interested to see what comes of this.