Hey hey, everybody! Ghost Hospital has updated, and the full demo version is here for your enjoyment! I've put a lot of sweat and tears into this, so I hope you enjoy it!

Real quick though- this means a few things!

  • There will be no more updates to this free demo version, aside from cosmetic and technical updates, to patch up things like new art/music or bugs.
  • It's labeled 'demo' now, because I have a good three more levels planned for the making, and do intend on delivering on a full game.
  • Currently, I'm aiming for the full release of the game around Halloween 2018, but this could change depending on outside real-life factors.
  • I WILL be looking for game testers for the full version, seeing as how I can't exactly include the entire rest of the game in the demo version and wait for the public to report bugs on it.

Anyway, please enjoy, feel free to comment or complain or let me know about any bugs you encounter, and happy halloween!


Ghost Hospital Demo-1 Linux.zip 369 MB
Oct 31, 2017
Ghost Hospital Demo-1 Mac.zip 365 MB
Oct 31, 2017
Ghost Hospital Demo-1 Win.zip 364 MB
Oct 31, 2017

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