Demo update

Hey guys, we got an update on the demo! Here's what's new:

  • New overworld sprites for enemies, one or two new NPC sprites.
  • New overworld theme for the Emergency ward, courtesy of our wonderful composer!
  • Letter sounds! Now character dialogue has some sound to it.
  • Proofread dialogue and rewrote some of it- nothing too drastic, just making the conversations less stiff.
  • New team member on board, his name is in the credits!
  • General bugfixes.

Yes, we have a new member on board! Tredlocity is going to be helping out with some general stuff- art, writing, and development. He's pretty good at all three, if I do say so myself. Otherwise, we're still working on getting the full game out! We're currently aiming for October-ish, but we may end up having to push the release date back.

Anyway, thank you for your support, let us know if you encounter any bugs, and stay tuned for the next update!


Ghost Hospital 1.0.3 374 MB
Mar 16, 2018
Ghost Hospital 1.0.3 370 MB
Mar 16, 2018
Ghost Hospital 1.0.3 369 MB
Mar 16, 2018

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yo you got trendlocity on board?? i love that dude's stuff and i love the game so far so this is gonna be sick